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Terms and Conditions

NSBC Membership

Persons (whether natural or juristic) who operate small to medium size businesses will be eligible to be considered for Membership. Any person applying for Membership shall be required to complete such membership application form as may be prescribed by the Executive Committee from time to time. Applicants for Membership shall be obliged to agree to be bound by any rules and regulations of the Association. The Executive Committee shall be entitled to take into account any information whatsoever that it considers relevant when considering an application for Membership. The rights, duties and privileges of Membership shall only become effective after acceptance of the Members as such by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall have the sole discretion whether to admit an applicant as a Member or to decline to renew the Membership of any Member. The Executive Committee shall have the sole discretion to create different categories of Membership from time to time. Membership of the Association does and shall not give to any Member of any class any right, title, interest, claim, demand in or to any of the monies, properties or assets of the Association.

The Executive Committee may terminate the Membership of any Member who:

  • Conducts itself in a manner that may frustrate the purpose and objectives of the Association.
  • Brings the Association into disrepute.
  • Conducts its business in an unethical dishonest or fraudulent manner.
  • Is a party to corruption in any form.
  • Fails to abide by any rules and regulations of the Association.

NSBC Full Member

The Annual Registration Fee is agreed to on submission of the NSBC Full Member Registration Form. NSBC Full Member Status commences on submission of the NSBC Full Member Registration Form but will only be activated once full payment has been received. The NSBC Full Member Registration Fee and/or any other fees paid are non-refundable, non-transferable and exclusive to the name stated on the NSBC Member Registration Form. The NSBC reserves the right to deny or cancel NSBC Full Membership and/or services to any NSBC Full Member who, in the NSBC's opinion does not uphold the image of the NSBC. NSBC Full Membership must be paid up to be eligible for the use of benefits. NSBC Full Membership Status is for a period of 12 months. The NSBC automatically processes Full Membership Status for a further 12 months if no written cancellation has been received one month prior to expiry date.

NSBC Membership

NSBC Membership is complimentary to those that have been allocated a NSBC Promo Code and will continue indefinitely. NSBC Membership Status commences on submission of the NSBC Membership Registration Form and will be immediately activated. The NSBC reserves the right to deny or cancel NSBC Membership and/or services to any NSBC Member who, in the NSBC's opinion does not uphold the image of the NSBC.

Resolving Disputes

The NSBC carefully selects its service providers, partners for value added services, but cannot guarantee quality or delivery of service. These service providers are not NSBC agents or employees and therefore the NSBC cannot be held responsible for their actions or omissions, or for any damage caused by their performance or failure to perform. Where there is a need for clarification of terms and conditions or relating to Member entitlements, the NSBC's interpretation will be final.

Right to Amend Benefits, Terms and Conditions

The NSBC is constantly striving to provide new and improved services to its Members. The NSBC reserves the right to amend benefits, including changing third party partners and/or service providers. Terms and conditions and Member Benefits may be amended from time to time without written notice.

Privacy Rights

The NSBC holds Member details securely and will not disclose it to any other person or organisation unless authorised by the Member.

Information will be used for administrative purposes, and to provide Members with on-going information via e-mail, SMS or post; information relating to services, events and general information from time to time.

Disclosure of key facts

The National Small Business Chamber is an Association Not for Gain, a Non-profit Organisation registered in terms of the Non-profit Organisation Act, 1997, with registration number 067-875-NPO.

Purpose and Object: To represent the interests of small and medium sized businesses and enterprises.

  • To participate in the national community on behalf of the small business community.
  • To influence decision-makers dealing with small business issues and projects.
  • To act as a voice for the small business community.
  • To develop and promote trade and business and among members in particular and the small business community in general.
  • To provide information on national related issues to the members.
  • To maintain financial and political independence.
  • To encourage inward investment into the country.
  • To promote business growth and to create wealth in South Africa.
  • To foster the entry, growth, and development of small businesses into the local business community by providing guidance for starting and operating a new business.
  • To recruit and maintain new members on a non-exclusive basis.
  • To serve as liaison between members and political bodies and individuals.
  • To promote closer relationships among members through business to business and social activities and gatherings.
  • To collect, collate and circulate information relating to trade and commerce to members.

National Partner

Larger Companies in the corporate sector who wish to contribute to the attainment of the purpose and object of the Association shall be eligible for National Partner status. National Partners shall be admitted as Members for such periods and on such terms that are agreed upon between the proposed National Partner and the Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of THREE (3) Members of the Association. The Members of the Executive Committee shall always be elected by the Members of the Executive Committee. The Chairman, as the Founding Member, will initially co-opt the Executive Committee, consisting of himself and two other Members. The term of office for Members of the Executive Committee shall not be limited. The Executive Committee may co-opt any person, whether a Member of the Association or not, to assist it in the carrying out of its functions, and may appoint such sub committees, whether on an ad-hoc or standing basis, as it may deem necessary or expedient to oversee or take responsibility for any specific task or area of operation. Election of Members of the Executive Committee is not by vote at the General Meeting. The Chairman of the Association shall always have the casting vote when electing the third Executive Committee Member. The Chairman of the Association shall have the right to remove an Executive Committee. Member from office. The management and control of the affairs of the Association shall vest in the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall have the powers and authority required to achieve the objectives of the Association.

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