Join the #SmallBizFriday movement and help small businesses grow, employ more, reduce unemployment and nurture the country’s entrepreneurial spirit.

The Small Business Friday Movement encourages all South Africans to go out there and support local small businesses.

It's a 365 day drive that peaks on Small Business Friday - the first Friday of Spring every year. Now is the time to celebrate and recognise the importance of the small business community now more than ever.

CHALLENGE #5 - 04 September 2020


Show you are a true supporter of small businesses

If you love small business and want to see our country flourish post this image on social media (including #SmallBizFriday) to declare loud and proud that you support local small business. Then go out and do just that and share a pic while you are at it.

Download other versions of this image here.

CHALLENGE #4 - 03 September 2020


Spread some encouragement and positivity

Words have great power to inspire and uplift. Post a video or words of encouragement to the small business owners out there and remember to tag your favourite businesses in your post.

Small business owners share why South Africa should support you and other small businesses like you, this Small Business Friday and beyond.

CHALLENGE #3 - 02 September 2020


Experience new flavours

After months of confinement, cabin-fever, home-made meals and bad coffee it’s time to give your taste-buds a treat. Why not support a local coffee shop, bakery or restaurant today, share a photo of your experience make sure you tag them. They have been very hard hit this year and would most certainly appreciate any new customers you could inspire to support them. (*If you go out remember your mask & adhere to the strict safety measure of course).

Small business owners in the restaurant industry, tempt your customers with some great posts of your delicious treats and remember to include @SmallBizFriday #SmallBizFriday.

CHALLENGE #2 - 01 September 2020


Share a good small business experience

As we celebrate the arrival of Spring today we also look at ways to boost the growth of our economy. Helping small businesses to grow is the answer and one of the most powerful ways is by word-of-mouth. It creates awareness about the business and builds trust which attracts new customers. Reviews and recommendations are powerful.

Your challenge today is to take 5 minutes to share a good experience you have had at a small business by writing them a review or recommendation on Google or Facebook, or posting a testimonial or video on social media. Remember to include @SmallBizFriday #SmallBizFriday

Small Business Owners

Take some time today to contact your clients and ask them if they would take five minutes to write you a review or record a video testimonial. Remember that great customer service is the key to generating good word-of mouth.

CHALLENGE #1 - 31st AUGUST 2020


Feature a friend or family member day!
We are all personally connected to someone who owns a business. I am sure you have seen their struggles during these difficult times. Take 5 minutes today to share a post about them and their business and encourage others to support them.

BONUS: Remember to tag them and include #SmallBizFriday and we'll send them an exclusive invite to the Official Small Business Friday Event hosted at Breakfast Connect Online.

For business owners

Our loyal customers, our family and our friends are what keep our businesses going. Take just 5 minutes today to give them a shout out on social media / give them a phone call / pop them an email tell them what it means to your business and ask them to back you this week by joining the #SmallBizFriday Challenge.

We are all connected. When a small business closes it has a ripple effect in our communities.
Let’s work together to keep small businesses open and thriving.

Leading up to Small Business Friday we will be featuring a small business, reveal their struggles and passion and find out why they say South Africa should rally behind small business.