Let us help you take action and turn your dream into a reality by getting you started and then helping you succeed.

You will have access to incredible tools, amazing success insight, powerful platforms and an abundance of education and inspiration 365 days of the year, to help you on your quest for success.

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start and register a company online
Register your company & launch successfully
setup a business quick and easily
Get your business out there
grow your customer base
Build a customer base
secure sales quickly
Seek out & secure sales
drive cash-flow
Drive your cash-flow & make money

"Everything you need to get your business off the ground."

Startup Subscription
Incl. VAT
Once-off fee - No monthly fees – No annual fees
You get the Company Registration Package below
Please Note: For Valid SA ID Holders Only
CIPC Name Reservation
CIPC Company Registration (Pty Ltd)
SARS Tax Registration
SARS PAYE / UIF Registration
B-BBEE Affidavit
To Be Bank Account Ready
Plus you get a powerful array of amazing business boosting benefits 365 days of the year
Subscription to the My Business Mag
VIP invites to learn from business icons - Webinar Wednesday
Unlimited access to "Starting a Business" and "Growing a
                Business" Guides from the Build a Business Academy
Nomination to enter the South African Small Business Awards
                – National Start-up Champion
Personalised 365-day Passport to attend
                The Business Show ::Africa
Mike Anderson’s newly released ebook "Never Surrender - How
                to start a business with what you have"
Free Business Profile on Google plus up to R900 worth of Google
More details below
NEED ASSISTANCE?    |    The NSBC Team is ready to help    |    Email: startup@nsbc.africa
Quick and easy registration with the CIPC

This package includes the CIPC Name Reservation, CIPC Company Registration (Pty Ltd), SARS Income Tax Registration Number, B-BBEE affidavit, to be bank ready and assist you to get a bank account (optional).
My Business Mag

A weekly e-publication filled with amazing insights and ongoing inspiration.
This highly regarded 'quick-read' is designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs build bigger and more successful businesses.
VIP Invites to Webinar Wednesday

Get powerful insights from mega-entrepreneurs and business experts
“Webinar Wednesday”, hosted monthly on a Wednesday. You and your staff are invited to top-of-the-line business success webinars. Sharpen your skills, boost your knowledge and receive relevant and helpful insights from leading local and global experts.
Unlimited Access to the Build a Business guides

Grow your skill set and your business
Discover 100s of high quality endorsed how-to business guides that will fuel you up to achieve your dreams. The Build a Business Academy is the only entrepreneurial education platform fully endorsed by the NSBC.
Nomination to enter the South African Small Business Awards

Get recognised as a champion
Receive automatic nomination to enter the South African Small Business Awards, SA's biggest awards programme recognising the tireless journey and achievements of small businesses and entrepreneurs.
Free ticket to The Business Show :: Africa

Africa’s leading and most successful online showcase for business owners, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to start out and/or build a bigger and more successful business. Your passport gives you access to high quality business success webinars, podcasts and videos, incredible interactive exhibits, in-depth education and off-the-chart experiences – 365 days of the year.
What do you get that is included in the R 850 Annual NSBC Startup Subscription FEE?
This package is highly subsidised by leading local and global brands.

The complete package includes:
  • CIPC (Pty) Ltd Company Registration
  • BEE Affidavit
  • SARS Tax Registration
  • SARS PAYE / UIF Registration (if applicable).
  • You will now be bank account ready. The NSBC will also assist you with getting your new bank account activated. (if required)
The package also includes amazing life-time benefits, all designed to help you build a successful business.
How long will it take to sign up for the NSBC Startup Subscription and get my new company registered?
In the most, within 24 hours. Any delays will be caused by:
  • Not providing accurate and correct information. Please ensure that all information supplied is 100% correct.
  • Registrations over weekends and public holidays
  • CIPC downtime
Can I use my personal name when I sign up for the NSBC Startup Subscription and then change to my company name when the company is registered?
Yes, you can use your personal name or a business name when registering for the NSBC Startup Subscription. Then, when your company is successfully registered, the name can then be changed immediately.
What is the primary objective behind the NSBC Startup Subscription and how will this help my new business?
The NSBC is Africa’s largest and most successful SME organisation. Our proven track-record is highly regarded. Registering a company and starting out is only the first step in a long journey. Like we have done with over 147 000 businesses and growing by more than 4000 new businesses a month, the NSBC Startup Subscription is designed to help you to take your business on a success journey, with a big drive around building a customer base and driving sales, cash-flow and profits.
I want to start my entrepreneurial journey, but I don’t as yet have any idea of what I want to pursue?
Legendary mega-entrepreneurs take action and do it, they don’t wait until the conditions are perfect. The NSBC Startup Subscription allows you to get your company registered, even if you have no name for the company or any idea of what you want to pursue. This you can do at a later stage. The benefits you receive throughout the year, will get you exposed to amazing ideas, incredible opportunities, powerful business insights, key professionals and unmatched networking – all designed to help you to get going in a business venture that you are destined for.
If I need any additional services (Vat Reg, Tax Clearance Certificate, CSD Reg, COID Reg etc.) once my company is registered, would this be possible?
Coming soon, we will be launching this service to all our members. You will be kept updated.
What if I already have a registered company and don’t need the CIPC company registration package. Do I get a discount off the NSBC Start-up Subscription?
The CIPC company registration package is FREE when signing up for the NSBC Startup Subscription, therefore there is no discount if the CIPC company registration package is not taken.