1. What are the terms of the Code?

Partners to the code commit to:

Pay suppliers on time

Within 30 days once the final valid and compliant invoice is received or on agreed payment terms.
Without attempting to change payment terms retrospectively.
Without changing practice on length of payment on unreasonable grounds.

Give clear guidance to suppliers

Providing suppliers with clear and easily accessible guidance on payment procedures.
Ensuring there is a system for dealing with complaints and disputes
Advising within 7 days if the invoice is incorrect.

Encourage good practice

By promoting the code throughout their own supply chains.

2. Does the Code have any legal force?

The Prompt Payment Code is a commitment, not a legally enforceable obligation.

3. Who is behind the Code?

The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) – South Afica's largest organisation representing the interests of the SME sector.

4. Who can sign up to the Code?

It is open to NSBC Partners who are private or public companies and government bodies that makes payments to SME suppliers. The beneficiary of the code is the SME sector.

5. How can signing the Prompt Payment Code help

When you sign up to the Code, you are making a statement about your organisation's commitment to suppliers. You are agreeing to pay on time (unless there is a dispute), making it easier for your supplier to manage their cash flow and helping them to remain in business. It's a statement about your business ethics and you’re allowing your suppliers to measure your actions against your words.

6. What are the benefits in becoming a partner to
the Code

If you pay promptly, then it's a real benefit to your supplier and potentially to your customer as you could benefit too by receiving more favourable pricing terms which could make you more competitive.

When you become a Partner of the code, you are committing to:

Pay your SME suppliers within 30 days once the final valid and compliant invoice is received or on agreed payment terms.
Have clear processes in place for your suppliers.
Manage and resolve disputes as quickly as possible.
Encourage your customers and suppliers to sign up to the Code.
Once approved, you can use the PPC logo on your documentation and website to show that you are serious about good payment practice.

7. How do you become an NSBC Partner?

Once you are an active NSBC Partner, you will receive an email confirming your successful application together with the PPC logo. To become an NSBC Partner, e-mail:

Become an NSBC Partner now and display the Proud Partner to the Prompt Payment Code logo on your website and stationery!