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is supported by leading global brands, and has been instrumental in helping more than 160 000 businesses and entrepreneurs to build a bigger and more successful business.

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Learn from the experts

You will receive ongoing invites to attend this powerful webinar series. Get amazing insights from business icons and mega-entrepreneurs on how to build a bigger and more successful business, and make more money quicker.

Free delegate invite to attend

You will receive a free invite to attend this two-day entrepreneurial extravaganza. Expert advice at hand. Top seminars and masterclasses. 1000s of business owners and entrepreneurs. B2B networking at its finest and 100s of exhibits.

Delegate invite to attend

You will receive ongoing invites to attend world class business success and entrepreneurial events throughout the year. These events include, but not limited to ‘Sales Indaba’, ‘Access to Finance Indaba’, ‘Trading Across Borders’ ‘Small Business Friday’, The South African Small Business Awards etc.

Self-education will make you a fortune

Get free access to 100s of downloadable ‘Build a Business ‘how-to’guides’ anytime from anywhere - all designed to accelerate success. Typical ‘How-to’ guides include; ‘how to access funding quickly, ‘how to improve your credit score’, ‘how to register a trade-mark’ ‘how to create a business plan’ etc.

Stay ahead of the rest

Get weekly business insights, inspiration and see first-hand what big business events and initiatives are coming up for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Get amazing exclusive offers

Benefit from huge discounts and incredible exclusive deals from leading local and global brands throughout the year.

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