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1 One-On- Jameson Building,
1 Jameson Avenue
Melrose Estate


Creating Trust Between Strangers

Operates: National

Envisionit E-Pay ( ) is an independent escrow services provider registered with the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA), as a trusted Third Party Payment Provider. Envisionit E-Pay is South Africa’s only FSCA regulated independent escrow service provider. E-Pay offers a holistic escrow solution with our web based escrow platform or world’s first holistic escrow app, we offer a secure, affordable and simple solution to safeguarding transactions. Envisionit E-Pay also allows parties to transact in USD, EUR and GBP in 4 easy steps.
1. AGREE: Parties to the transaction will agree to the terms of the transaction.
2. SECURE: Buyer deposits the funds into E-Pay's trust account.
3. DELIVER: Supplier/service provider delivers the product or service.
4. PAY: Once the buyer is satisfied with the delivery, buyer will instruct E-Pay to release the funds to the seller, or funds will be released automatically after a specified number of days.
It is through this simple and easy process we ensure buyers get exactly what they pay for and sellers are paid upon delivery.

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