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Western Cape


Operates: National

• Qualification of welding procedure specifications to national and international standards.
• Issue preliminary and, pre-qualified welding procedure specifications .
• Testing and certification of welding personnel (coding tests).
• Evaluation, improvement and optimization of weld quality, welding processes and welding practices and reducing welding costs.
• Materials and welding engineering consulting
• Technical information and support regarding all welding and cutting processes.
• Design and manufacturing support in terms of all welding activities.
• Selection and use of welding standards and codes regarding design, application, related welding procedure and welder qualification, and quality acceptance.
• Technical assistance regarding ISO 3834, EN 15085 and other related quality management systems. This includes design of the quality management system, evaluation and guidance on implementation of quality management systems. (ISO 3834 lead auditor employed).
• Failure analysis on structures, components and fabricated assemblies.
• Development and formulation of electrode flux formulations for the production of shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) electrodes and surfacing flux cored wires.
Providing training courses on :
1. Basic Welding Metallurgy
2. Metallurgy and Welding of Stainless Steels
3. Welding Processes
4. Visual Inspection
5. Weld Defects and Discontinuities – types, occurrence and remedies
6. Materials Engineering
7. ISO 3834 – Requirements and System Implementation
8. Welding Co-ordination
9. Heat Treatment
10. Welding Codes and Standards
11. Weld Cost Saving
12. Welding and Materials Technology
13. Metallurgy for Non Metallurgists
14. Inspection and Quality Control in Welding
15. Cost and Quality Management in Welded Fabrication
16. Qualification of Welding Procedures and Welding Personnel

Training courses can also be tailor made to suit the needs of individual companies.

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