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The right way to share private information

Operates: National

Send notes and get notified when they are read or shred. Request information and get notified when it is made available to you.

Why use Safe Share?
Safe share allows you to send and/or request private information in a highly secure way. We make sure the information is always kept encrypted and that except the people having the password, nobody else can read it.
Now it's easy and safe to share private content with your peers without having to worry about that data being compromised. Really, if you care about the security and privacy of the data you are sending or requesting, you should be using Safe Share.

How does it work?
We allow you to create secure notes, requests and snippets which you can password protect and which will be stored encrypted with no one being able to read them except the people having the passwords. You can decide for how long these are valid for and they will be shred either after they are read or after their validity expire. When they are read, shred, deleted, etc, we will send you an email notification letting you know what happened.

How secure is it?
Your notes, requests and snippets are encrypted with a variable encryption key based on a unique password you supply. This means that only the people with the password can decrypt them. We are not able to decrypt your notes or your attachments. Once a note has been shredded, its sensitive contents are erased completely. This is perfect for sending sensitive information such as passwords or personal information over email or message without exposing your information in clear text or worrying if that private email has been deleted.

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