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I Help Scale-Ready Business Owners Improve Their Accounting & HR Skills With A Comprehensive Business Solutions Simplified Program

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I Help Scale-Ready Business Owners Improve Their Accounting & HR Skills With A Comprehensive Business Solutions Course

• Are you overwhelmed and confused by the financial and HR sides of running your business?
• Is your business ready to scale, but you’re uncertain about what that means in terms of accounting and tax compliance?
• Are you looking for an easy-to-understand course that gives you “Business In A Box” templates, lessons and more, to help you make sense of the systems and procedures your business needs in order to grow?

Running a small business is exciting, but it’s also hard – it’s not just about getting out there and making money. Of course, back when it was just you, your laptop and an Internet connection, you didn’t worry too much about correct invoicing procedures, budgeting, or VAT registration. You were so busy hustling to make a success of your business you didn’t have time to make sure you were up to date with the ever-changing tax and HR rules.

But now your business is growing, and suddenly you find yourself faced with accounting and HR questions you simply don’t have the knowledge to answer.

This is exactly why I’ve written a course called Business Solutions Simplified, which focuses on teaching you about all the financial and HR components of your business. It helps answer questions such as: “When am I supposed to register for VAT?”, “How do I write a recruitment ad to attract the right people to my business?”, “What is bookkeeping?” and “How does budgeting work?”

I’ve been helping corporates with financial planning, trust accounting and business restructuring since 2001. I’ve saved companies tens of thousands of Rands in tax penalties, systemised businesses for optimal operation, and ensured the right staff are in the right positions. I’m now bringing this expertise to small business owners in my easy-to-understand course – all supported with weekly Q&A sessions, and membership to an exclusive Facebook Community.

Connect with me today to find out more about the program and how it can help you make your business more compliant, efficient and productive.

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