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149 William Rd Norwood 2192


Lombard Labour

Operates: National

Lombard Labour provides HR & IR consultancy and advisory solutions for the South African Small Medium Enterprise (SME). Our key focus is to provide a personalised service that is procedurally compliant and even handed to our clients and their employees. We undertake to support and guide the SME through the process of employer employee and industrial relations.
Our FOCUS is to provide a personalised service in the building of an appropriate IR & HR compliance platform that best enhances the functionality of your organisation.
Our PURPOSE is to take out the speculative guess work of your approach when dealing with the day to day employee and business associated HR & IR concerns.
Our AIM is to save your business on legal overhead costs especially where you should not be paying more, to assist in identifying your pain points and to provide for your business with your unique compliant requirements.
We offer on hand day to day advice on employment and related HR and Industrial Relations. We endeavor to equip your business to develop proactive initiatives and prevention practices to ensure that you avoid adverse and unintended consequences.

Lombard Labour provide the following services and all matters related thereto;
Disciplinary Code & Procedure, Company Policy & Procedure, Misconduct, Poor Work Performance, Grievance Policy & Procedure, Code of Conduct, Contract of Employment, Preparation for CCMA, Chairing of Disciplinary Hearings, Preparation for Disciplinary Hearings, Trade Unions, Drafting of Legal Documentation, Legal Forms and Precedents.

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