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Bespoke Leather Bags

Operates: National

Katy Kruger SA designs and manufacturers bespoke leather bags and accessories.

Katy Kruger supplies nationally to more than 40 re-sellers, owns and manages 3 dedicated Katy Kruger shops and exports to the UAE.

Started in Dec 2016, the company grew from 2 part-time staff to 42 full time staff in 2018.

Katy Kruger has a wide range of fashion and corporate products and supplies custom solutions to clientele and corporate companies.

Focused on quality and value for money, the Katy Kruger brand has become synonymous with high end workmanship at affordable prices.

Entirely local, the company outsources no part of the manufacturing process and imports no aspect/raw material. Everything is designed and manufactured in-house using only locally sourced raw material and consumables.

Katy Kruger SA supplies the customer with a complete interactive experience. KK includes the customer in the design process by allowing the customer to not only choose the specific leather he/she prefers, but also the cotton lining pattern and logo options on the bag. making the final product completely unique.

The Katy Kruger factory is also open to the public and believes in complete transparency for the customer to be part of the experience.

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