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Good day

It has always been our dedicated mission to ensure that you and your family have the opportunity of building a Financial Plan that suits your individual ongoing needs.

At IFS Liberty we specialize in the following products:

• Life, Disability, Dread disease, Income protection Cover
• Educator product for Kids
• Group/Pension funds - Companies
• Retirement annuities
• Investments
• Medical Aids (Bonitas & Bestmed )
• Zestlife Gap Cover
• Estate Planning

As part of the IFS Liberty family we want you to be fully aware of how our current plans is doing and to give you the opportunity to make any necessary changes to ensure it stays current with your situation. I would like to take this opportunity to prompt you with a few thoughts.
· The financial situation in South Africa is not all that rosy and most of us are feeling the pinch, have you thought about how much harder it would be for your family if you were not around to provide for their needs?
· How much capital will your Life policies generate, what level of monthly income can your family expect to receive from this capital and for how long?
· Is your current Will up to date and relevant to your current situation?
· Will there be sufficient liquidity in your Estate to allow your Executor to follow your wishes promptly and will it be as tax efficient as possible?
· How much of your current income will be protected should you become disabled?
· Are you in the financial position to absorb the massive costs involved should you contract any of the dreaded diseases?
· Will your children receive the best possible education after your death?
· Is your current Retirement Provision Plan on track and how much will your monthly income be after retirement and for how long?
· What is happening with your investments? How are your chosen portfolios performing and are they in-line with your current risk appetite?
· Are you happy with your current Medical Aid Scheme?
· Is your work Pension or Provident fund providing for a portion of your needs? What benefits does it provide and what are your current values?

A lot to think about? Yes it is, but now is the time to take stock. If you cannot answer any of the above with certainty, please reply with a simple “contact me” and I will ensure that Wynand Visagie, your financial adviser, provides you with all the answers.
Please contact me directly should you have any other concerns, we at IFS Liberty care about you and your family.

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