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Unit 3, Block F
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Secure Manage Trace

Operates: National

Our Sole existence and strategy is based on technological innovation. Our mission is to empower organisations and the society at large through effective security and business solutions and be among the top information technology companies in South Africa . MiTreasure Application a product of Digital Treasure South Africa was designed to help secure, manage and trace electronic devices such as Televisions, Laptops, Cellphones and Desktops on our Serial Number-ID Linked database. This solution came about following research conducted by our team, which revealed that between 80 and 90 per cent of people whose gadgets are lost or stolen and then later recovered by the SAPS fail to prove that the gadgets belong to them as they would have discarded their serial number. These gadgets remain unclaimed from police stock rooms therefore eventually auctioned off. Furthermore, the SAPS struggles with combating the trade of stolen gadgets, therefore MiTreasure Application is a permanent solution whereby instant verification of ownership is made available on our application. MiTreasure Application also assists in spot checks as it is open to security companies, individuals as well as the SAPS. Our application will also assist at boarder posts, which help monitor gadgets leaving the country. MiTreasure also offers optional tracking of televisions, desktops as well as laptops.

Tracking Services for Gadgets such as Televisions, Laptops and Desktops
Ring Fencing of valuable gadgets with Tracking unit installed
Securing of valuable gadgets
Managing valuable gadgets
Tracing valuable gadgets
Registering serial numbers on serial number- ID Linked database
Second hand gadget ownership transfer
Flag lost or stolen gadgets
System Open to boarder control
Immediate ownership verification in pawn shops
Assists in security spot-checks

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