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Digital-Lance is a digital marketing agency based in Johannesburg.

Our focus is to help businesses gain customers through attracting quality leads. The MobileMonkey chatbot, used alone or in conjunction with Facebook Ads, is a key tool for this purpose.

We also manage Google Ads campaigns, perform basic SEO (search engine optimisation) and monitor website performance with Google Analytics.

See more details in the Services section below about how deploying the MobileMonkey chatbot can benefit your business!

Our Values
• We believe in honesty in advertising.
• We believe in continual learning to keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

Adopt A Chatbot To Help Your Business Grow

How does your business communicate its marketing message to the public? Is it easy for the public to interact with and understand your business? Standard communications tend to be one-way, such as advertisements, social media posts, email blasts and website pages. By way of a response, an interested prospect has to pick up a phone, send an email, fill in a form on a website or pay a visit to a business’s premises.

Is there an effective alternative that enables immediate two-way communication? One that is available 24 hours a day, friendly, fast, conversational, and can handle large numbers of interactions between a business and its prospect simultaneously?

There certainly is. Enter chatbots! Chatbot use is set to explode worldwide.

In this article I will describe how the MobileMonkey chatbot can drive growth for your business. This chatbot works through Facebook’s Messenger (which is similar to WhatsApp). So what can these little conversation providers called chatbots do for your business, and where can they be seen in action?
Chatbots can be found on business pages on Facebook, on web pages and in the Messenger app on your smart phone.

The MobileMonkey chatbot system drives growth for your business in three major ways:
1. Instant response: It will respond instantly to user queries that have been typed into it. For example, it can provide answers to FAQs by reacting to key words and calling up appropriate conversational dialogues. It can provide information about opening hours, store locations, products, prices, specials and other business related information. The answers are not only in plain text. You can liven the conversations up with photos, videos and GIFs to attract attention.
2. Advertising: The MobileMonkey chatbot is perfectly compatible with Facebook Ads. In fact there is a Facebook ‘ad objective’ called click-to-messenger. The visitor clicks on a button in the ad and thereby enters a chatbot dialogue specially written for the advertisement. This type of ad yields high conversion rates at a lower cost per acquisition. You can quickly build valuable lists of leads, qualify your leads and split them into different target audiences. This is done in a chatbot through carefully crafted questions that prospects answer at the click of a button. Besides supplying visitor names, Facebook supplies email and phone details ready for the visitor to click (or tap on phones) to confirm or change. You can run contests and send discount coupons through the chatbot to promote sales.
3. Drip campaigns: These are scheduled promotional messages that are sent to Messenger inboxes of ‘contacts’. Each time a visitor interacts with a chatbot dialogue, a contact is automatically created with the user’s name, along with other attributes that the dialogue has been designed to collect. This contact is automatically ‘opted-in’ and saved on MobileMonkey’s servers. Thus the business can send out targeted drip campaigns to contacts, at no extra cost. Response rates on Messenger are much better than equivalent email drip campaigns.

What goes on inside a MobileMonkey chatbot?
A chatbot consists of several ‘dialogues’ that become active for different scenarios. At its heart a dialogue consists of words, images and questions. Each question can have one or more answers that a user can choose from. Each preconfigured answer can be linked to another dialogue that has its own questions and answers. So the chatbot can have a sequence of branching options, each option clicked on leading to another set of options. By using this method of selecting a sequence or chain of answers, the chatbot can direct visitors to the most relevant information or action. For example the visitor could receive a pdf file from the chatbot, sign up for a webinar, receive a coupon or be sent to a relevant web page.

During this process prospects can voluntarily provide contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers and many other pieces of information about themselves. This information is automatically saved in a contact list and can be used later in a drip campaign. It’s can also be sent automatically to a CRM system (like Salesforce), or a bulk emailing system (like Mailchimp).

Examples of Chatbots
An example of how a chatbot can be used effectively is given by an ad campaign to sell ‘Leif’ electric skateboards. This chatbot, which was accessed from a Facebook ad, asked questions about the rider’s height and riding style. As a result, the bot was able to recommend a suitable model of the skateboard for prospective purchasers. It also provided them with coupon codes, and sent them to the appropriate ecommerce page. As a result of this chatbot automation, sales of the skateboard and return on ad spend (ROAS) improved dramatically.

Other examples of a chatbot helping with product selection are clothing supplier Levi advising on fit and sizing of jeans, and toy company Lego helping to select a suitable toy to match a child’s preferences.

How much time does it take to implement a chatbot?
MobileMonkey is a hosted solution, which means that the bot is technically ready for use for your business needs. What is required is to identify objectives and to create dialogue flows with their questions, answers and creative content. Integration with Facebook Ads and outside systems such as CRM and mailing systems is advisable and supported by MobileMonkey.

How big must a business be to adopt a chatbot?
Broadly speaking, any business big enough to require a website will also benefit from adopting a MobileMonkey chatbot. The only requirement is that the business has a Facebook business ‘Page’ (which is not the same as a personal profile), and has signed up for a MobileMonkey account.

How much does it cost?
There is a free version of MobileMonkey that has many of the features a business requires. However, some very useful features are only available in the premium version.
For pricing of the 'pro' version, visit

In conclusion
Facebook is currently emphasising messaging as the wave of the future for its platform, while the newsfeed is set to decline. Yet it is estimated that only 1% of business pages on Facebook have started to use chatbots. Now is the time to implement a chatbot for your business and gain a first mover advantage over your competition!

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