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17 Main Avenue Johannesburg


De-stress, Heal, Grow

Operates: National

Cosmic Moments relates to practical, holistic and purposeful stress management tools in corporate and academic wellness.
Through classes, workshops, consultations and retreats we assist and nurture you on your wellness journey.
Cultivate the power of your mind & body through Sound therapy, Yoga, NLP , breathwork and Mindfulness techniques.
Learn how to heal your body yourself and live your best life... The time for a cosmic change in your life is now.
“Cosmic Energy refers to life energy - the vital source that animates all life and maintains the balance of the entire cosmos, it relates to the Sanskrit word Shakti , believed to be the source of kundalini and is needed to expand consciousness“

Join a Cosmic Moments Events.
*Stress Management Workshops in the workplace
*Kids Yoga Teacher Training for Adults Workshop
*Cosmic Retreats
*1:1 Reiki Therapy
*1:1 Yoga Tuition
*Kids Yoga Classes
*Breathwork Training (Similar to Holotropic Method)
*Mums and Teens Yoga
*Meditation Classes
*Halotherapy & Meditation Workshop
*Animal-assisted yoga and meditation class
*Kombucha Making Workshops
*Essential Oils Workshops
*Email for more information:

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