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7 Quince Street. The Media Mill. Ground Floor Main Building. Milpark. 2095. Johannesburg.


Operates: National

Black Khaki is a Boutique communications agency. Delivering a wide range of brand communication and marketing services: advertising, graphic design, online and publishing.

What's the big idea?
At Black Khaki we believe in the power of great ideas. We have first-hand experience in positioning these ideas to build clients’ brands into significant assets across a broad spectrum of media.

We are ready and able to address the dual goal of building ‘warm and fuzzy’ feelings around a brand while simultaneously appreciating and leveraging the power of a strategically focused, well managed product or service. In short, our 360 degree ‘brand needs’ model is aimed at sustainable growth by turning category buyers into brand believers.

So what’s in it for our clients?

From strategy to execution, we go the distance and will rework a good idea to bring clients a great one. In everything we do, we strive to help clients to see, and believe in, a dazzling vision of their future.

Advertising not only provides info, it kindles brand belief. The greatest goal achieved is believability. One of our mentors said, ‘Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting. Make it fun to read.'

- Television
- Cinema
- Radio
- Print
- Outdoor campaigns


Corporate Identity Development
- Logos
- Brochures
- Packaging
- Newsletters
- Annual reports
- Publications
- Calendars

Digital Services
- Websites
- Emailers
- Social Media Management
- Social Media Content Creation
- Video Content Development

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