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Expert Advice for Business Growth

Operates: National

Could your SME benefit from expert advice? Are you looking to GROW your business?

Startwise brings one of the first virtual, on-demand business consulting platforms to South Africa. Aimed exclusively at SMME’s in South Africa, it allows business owners to connect with industry leading mentors to navigate their way through any business challenge.

By using the right platforms and networks for your business needs, you can make your life simpler, easier, save time and more convenient. The Startwise network of mentors will help navigate the complexities of running an SME in South Africa. They are all 100% vetted and qualified to provide the support you need to grow your business.

Here’s how to sign up to Startwise:
1. Go to and create your profile.
2. Find your business mentor- Browse through the categories to suit your industry and business needs. Select the mentor you would like to connect with.
3. Request a call - Instantly connect with South Africa’s leading business mentors and coaches through the Startwise chat or video/audio call functionality.
4. Pay after your session - First connect with your mentor and enjoy your business consultation. Then make your payment through the easy-to-use, secure platform.

Startwise provides an online communication platform where SME owners can connect with industry mentors, taking their business to the next level and stimulating the South African economy once again.

Virtual, on-demand business consulting platform
Marketing & Sales Strategy
Business Coaching
Payroll & HR Advice
Finance & Accounting
Skills & Management Workshops


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