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Pics On Wheels Pty Ltd t/a Pics In Lifts
23a Marsh Rose Crescent
Cv Gardens, Midrand, 1682


We elevate your advertising with audience analytics

Operates: National

Ripple Digital ta Pics In Lifts (Level 1 BBBEE) is a Digital Out Of Home Advertising / Media company that specializes in AI software, offers a fully comprehensive suite of digital signage and selling media spaces on all our products.

Pics in Lifts
Place your ad with us for an excellent opportunity to create that Brand Awareness or Call to Action Campaign. This is our latest innovation which grabs the attention of a captive audience through digital projections/screens in elevators. Imagine walking into a lift and as the doors close, your brand takes on a cinematic effect, on the lifts doors/walls . In addition, the devices have Ripple Digital AI software which is equipped to accurately measure your audience reach, number of impressions, dwell time, age, and gender

Audience Analytics and Targeted Marketing
As a brand, you want to be reaching the right people. Traditionally, the success of out-of-home (OOH) advertising has been difficult to track. With the advent of digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH), however, this is changing rapidly. Along with digital screens, high-tech audience analysis solutions are bringing a whole new dimension to the OOH industry. The new possibilities for audience analytics and targeted advertising provide a good example. Target audience analysis is a central component to any marketing strategy, as it gives you an informed view of who your audiences are, who your audiences are not, and, equally important, audiences your brand could be reaching out to with a few tweaks to your strategy. Our advanced audience analytics has a wide variety of metrics. This software is readily available for your business, let us show you the business potential of audience analytics

Advertise your brand In Elevators through our PIL Smart Projector or the PIL Slim Dual.
Advertising space is currently available in 14 malls
We have rental options for our devices that can generate additional revenue for you
Our Audience Analytics software is readily available for any digital signage and can trigger adverts for targeted audiences

We provide Ripple Digital AI software solutions such as Audience Analytics and Targeted Advertising to screen owners and retail owners (shopping malls, hotels, airports, hospitals, etc)
Facial analysis is identified and analyzed by a camera when an individual is in the field of view.
This footage is analyzed in real-time (no video recorded) by AI-powered Ripple Digital Face Analysis Software, after which the footage is automatically discarded to maintain anonymity.
Raw data such as demographics (age, gender, ethnicity), dwell time, impressions is retained.
Audience measurement information is captured in real-time for immediate analysis of viewer trends. The data can also be used on the device to trigger targeted information for specific audiences.
Detailed proof-of-play reports can tell you what type of viewer saw your content AND what was their reaction to it.
GDPR and POPI Compliant

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