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Receive hundreds of business referrals and contacts throughout the year
By attending these world-famous monthly Inspired B2B breakfast networking events, you automatically by consent receive the contact details and profiles of all attending delegates. You can receive up to 2000 and more high quality business contacts/referrals every year.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic all events will be online.

Get recognised
Get recognised as a champion
You and your business receives automatic nomination to enter the South African Small Business Awards, SA's biggest awards programme recognising the tireless journey and achievements of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Help another business to succeed
Receive a complimentary NSBC Membership Voucher
After you have successfully registered as an NSBC Member, you will automatically be sent via e-mail a complimentary NSBC Membership voucher for you to sponsor another business of your choice to register. If you registered for the NSBC Premier Membership, you will receive a complimentary NSBC Premier Membership voucher and if you registered for the NSBC Standard Membership, you will receive a complimentary NSBC Standard Membership voucher. This is a value-driven and meaningful opportunity to help another business in their quest for success.
Boost your sales
Build your customer base and boost top-line sales quickly
Shop Small is Africa’s most powerful network of SMEs. A 365 day 24/7 digital campaign linked to the Shop Small movement. Get your FREE digital profile now and get many more customers to your site and through your door, 24/7, 365 days. This is where business decision-makers go to do business.

Showcase your business
Showcase your status to the business world
Place the 'NSBC Member' digital badge on your website and social media platforms. Showcasing your membership status projects credibility and gives that extra edge in the business community.
Seize amazing specials throughout the year
Save money on incredible special offers
Exclusive to NSBC Members.
Vehicle tracking, e-mail branding, website hosting, boardroom equipment and accessories, online legal solutions, digital marketing, payment solutions, free websites, travel and accommodation, office technology and much more.

Network with experts
Soar with the eagles that fly high
Meet and network with experts, business leaders and fellow SME's throughout the year. Be invited to breakfast networks, conferences, expos, road shows, awards functions! Grow, learn, connect, be inspired & have fun.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic all events will be online.

Get daily success tips
Receive free daily success tips and advice
Through the weekly My Business Mag and The Small Business Site, get success tips and inspiring stories that will give you the edge on your quest for success.